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Business Card reality.

So I’m leaving Portland soon for 14 weeks of field research.  I’m studying the wild long form improviser in its native habitat, an urban center.  I picked up my Portland State University business cards which read Brad Fortier Anthropologist I giggled a bit picturing myself in a pith helmet in Rochester finding an interpreter who […]

Out on my own.

Well, I’m setting my own deadlines on school work these days.  It’s disorienting suddenly realizing that I actually need to get to preparing my first serious ethnographic project.  I’ve got the next couple of weeks to firm up all of my ideas and methods for my research in Rochester this fall.  Then I have to […]

Beginnings and Endings

I was struck by a mix of emotions today at the BBQ that was the finish for wedding festivities for my cousin’s wedding. It struck me near the end that this could potentially be the last time I see some of my closer aunts and uncles alive because of their age and health. Meanwhile, I […]

Big Families

My cousin Adam is marrying his fiance Rachel today. Adam is the cousin I’d say I’m close with for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is he’s a great guy. A majority of my father’s side of the family is here. My father is one of eleven children (now 10 since the […]

Webster NY (where my parents really live)

I think the founders of Webster had suicide issues before establishing the town.

Multiple Generations

I just got my dad donfortier to sign up for livejournal.  It’s weird knowing that my parents are signed on to my blog.  Ah.  In the words of my father after I perpetrated a particularly ribald comment in front of them and my friends “We know what he’s capable of”.  I love my parents.  No […]

In the arms of family

I lucked out yesterday and flew standby on an earlier flight to Rochester.  I’m staying with my folks for about 10 days.  My sister also lives in Rochester, and I just about shit when I saw her.  She has lost another 70# making the weight she has lost a total of 150#.  It’s fucking incredible […]