Out on my own.

Well, I’m setting my own deadlines on school work these days.  It’s disorienting suddenly realizing that I actually need to get to preparing my first serious ethnographic project.  I’ve got the next couple of weeks to firm up all of my ideas and methods for my research in Rochester this fall.  Then I have to begin the practical work of getting business cards that read Brad Fortier: Anthropologist, subletting my room, and shipping the books I’ll need.  I’m flying out in late Sept.  So I’ve got some time on those particulars.

I’m going to be a fly on the wall doing participant observation, informal and formal interviews of the long form improv scene in Rochester NY, albeit small.  I’m going to be looking into the audience’s connection to the work.  I’m curious as to how they connect to and interpret it, and speculate as to why.  I’ve heard a thousand theories from performers, but I’m interested in what the crowds say for themselves.  Hopefully, two years of coursework focused on this won’t fail me.  Do yourself a favor and read some Victor Turner and Dwight Conquergood.

It’ll be odd leaving the Brody again for over three months.  It’s feeling like it’s gathering momentum again.  But I’ll come back, and I’ll get my degree.  Then it’ll be time to party.

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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