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Intro to Applied Improvisation: This course is for professionals looking to bring improvised theater tools and thinking into their work, whether that be business, education, healthcare, counseling, marketing, training, etc. This course will…

  • Explore the anatomy of a game/activity and how to repurpose it for your context
  • Develop a strategy for distinguishing what games/activities fit your goals
  • Practice skills for facilitating and debriefing an exercise
  • Discuss best practices for marketing and valuing your services
  • Identify language used to translate what improv offers to a given applied context: business, design, health & healing, education, and humanitarian work

Participants are encouraged to bring a project idea that they would like to develop. No prior improv theater experience required. There are only 8 spots available for this course.

When: Wednesdays from 6:30-9:00pm from April 1st to May 13th.

Where: Leapin Lizards Studio – 1217 SW 19th Ave, Portland OR, 97201

Tuition is $325, which includes a copy of the book “Applied Improvisation: Leading, Collaborating, and Creating Beyond the Theatre”.

Pay for class here.

When on tour…

Push the Focus: For many improv groups, a show can become a fast-paced game of dialogue that can lead to emotionally shallow scenes, talked over lines, and a battle over the focus of the scene at hand. Group scenes can become disastrous if the players don’t play close attention to where the focus is, or if only one person holds the focus and creates another flat teaching scene. This workshop is my specialty. Learning to consciously push the focus between players in a scene can lead to: players being more aware of all of the offers, solidify the environment of the scene, give space to show the emotional reactions of characters not in direct focus, create opportunities to truly develop scenes collaboratively. This approach helps to balance the playing field in ensembles and help them approach scene work as a conscious meditation rather than a race or panic to the comedy. This workshop is great for advanced students or ensembles needing pointed coaching on improving their collaboration skills. (4 hours of training)

Ensemble Dynamics:  The success of our performances relies heavily on our ability to communicate effectively as a group. We as improvisers often espouse this to students and clients, but we don’t always hold ourselves to the same ideal. This workshop is focused on refreshing and rekindling the ensemble dynamic through identifying the ways we play to stay safe and what we can do to become more vulnerable and available to our ensemble members. Through this workshop, we will develop tools that help an ensemble identify and challenge habits and routines that reduce novelty and encourage complacency onstage and off. (2-day workshop, 8-10 hours of training)

Love the One You’re With: This workshop is focused on getting the most out of our scenes by taking a truly compassionate and nurturing approach to our play with any and all partners. Trust is lost or gained with every missed or used offer. By tasking ourselves with recognizing our effects on our partners and their characters moment to moment, we can not only become present and aware in our scenes, but we also discover the observable truth in the relationships between the characters in the scene. This workshop will push the participant to approach the reality of a scene earnestly and sincerely in order to bring the magic and fun back into playing with any partner in a scene. (can be adapted for 1 day or two)

Serialized Improvisations: A specialty workshop for groups that want to mount shows that have recurring characters like soap operas, science fiction and spy dramas. Drawing from his decade of experience mounting these types of shows at the Brody in Portland (GenericHospital, Starhole 3060, and Super Secret Spy Team), Brad will take the students through his process for creating and directing such shows. Expect to leave with excitement and new tools for tackling this fun venture in improvisation. (2-day workshop, 8-10 hours of training)

Finding Your Character: Having a strong character really simplifies things on the improvised stage, but how can you find that? This 5 hour class will push students to not only search themselves for characters that fit them, but also let them use physicality to explore and discover other possibilities that they are capable of. Changing the movement and shape of our bodies also changes how we think and perceive our worlds. This workshop will push performers to recognize their strengths in character work and push their limits into new territory. Students should be prepared for physical and vocal work. (Can be 1 day or two, 4-8 hours of training)

Back to Basics: For beginner or advanced players. It’s always good to check back in with the fundamentals of improvisation. This workshop is geared to be a scenework intensive that focuses on reviving/fostering the move by move building of scenes through agreement and enhancement, Yes, and. This workshop will explore what it means to ‘do’ yes, rather than just say “yes”. It will push the idea of aggressively enhancing and upping the stakes with every move. Expect a lot of side-coaching and notes about your observed style of play. (1 day workshop, 4 hours. Could be expanded for more, but intended to be combined with another workshop)

Solo Performance: If you’re interested in raising the stakes in your own performance career, solo performance is a distinct challenge. This workshop will focus on creating active engaging storytelling, authentic presentation, and creating a solo show that takes the audience on a journey rather than a vanity piece. Find out how to create and play a cast of characters all by yourself. Come with an idea to develop, and leave with a 10 minute solo piece to share. (1 day workshop, 6-8 hours of training)

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