In the arms of family

I lucked out yesterday and flew standby on an earlier flight to Rochester.  I’m staying with my folks for about 10 days.  My sister also lives in Rochester, and I just about shit when I saw her.  She has lost another 70# making the weight she has lost a total of 150#.  It’s fucking incredible what gastric bypass surgery has done for her (and a little creepy considering the mechanics of it).

My parents have a new puppy (Cody) who is all over me.  He’s a cutey, but he’s got this annoying habit of trying to lick the inside of your nose whenever he gets a chance.  Ick!

Nate and Sarah stopped by last night.  We hung out, and Nate completed his mission as my ‘mule‘.  I was laughing my ass off at his and especially Sarah’s description of Nate’s aunt, who they are housing with until they get on their feet.  She’s a bit of an anxiety bundle who exhibits it through constant talking, cleaning, and sometimes criticizing.  It’s motivating them to get with the program and find a place.  Unfortunately, Sarah has had to forgoe her MA program for lack of funding and an administrative snafu.

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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