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Nature’s surprises

We went to a place called Schoodic Penninsula yesterday, which is a part of Acadia NP that is not on MDI (Mount Desert Island).  It was friggin beautiful and sparsely populated.  It’s my new favorite part of Acadia.  The link is to pictures of the place and the people I went with. The surprise came […]

The Crunch

These are my last days in Maine, and myself and my compatriates are all coming to the end of our contracts.  So we’ve been getting as much in as we can.  I’ve made some great friends here, and I’m super happy that I got to do this this summer.  Jen and Larrance rock, and Improvacadia […]

Bar Harbor Diaries 8/15

One of the cool things about working in Bar Harbor is that you can get to do touristy things for free. If there is room on certain cruises, they will let island employees ride for free. That’s how we got to do this Whales and Puffins tour out on the Atlantic a couple of days […]

Bar Harbor Diaries 7/24

The new cast has arrived, and we’ve done our first show.  I’m excited to be with these folks out of the gate.  They’re all on the ‘let’s get outside and check shit out’ plan.  Not that the last crew wasn’t, but they weren’t to my level of enthusiasm about it.  These folks are.  I love […]

The Island Explorer

The Island Explorer is a system of buses and bus routes that have been devised and funded by the LL Bean company to reduce traffic and improve the environment. They also have their logo prominently on all of the buses. They are fucking awesome for exploring a majority of what Desert Island has to offer.  […]

Bar Harbor Diaries 7/10

Bar Harbor is the pearl of Maine’s coast, at least in summer. I can see the allure of this place for east coasters. It’s fairly wild, and it has natural features with some elevation (up to 1400′ in some areas). It’s populated with a fair amount of groovy, hippy, artsy folks. I’ve chatted with a […]

Bar Harbor Diaries 7/7

Just got up. I’m a little down. I’ve got a bit of the ‘I miss home’ blues. My inbox is empty, and I feel a bit isolated here without a vehicle of my own to get around in. Although, I had my first hike and swim yesterday. We went to a place called Beech Mountain. […]