Holy Shit! I’m fucking done.

It’s the end of an age for me. I was awarded my Masters degree today after my thesis defense. It was funny that it offered few insights for improvisers, but it was the bomb for anthropologists and a few people from other disciplines. I’ve forgotten how much improvisers take what they do and know forContinue reading “Holy Shit! I’m fucking done.”

Old Poetry

The ForgeAnd in it’s dreamsIt heard a roarA bellows beckoningThe roar of a forgeAnd when at dawnIt did awakeIt saw the seaThe sea forging stone. Its full of starsLooking upwardSeeing sky awashWith starsAwe and possibilityDancing in the blacknessBetween scattered sparklesThen eyes dropBack to earthA gaze acrossStill watersThere againA depth of starsThe reflection deepensSomething hintsWhat isContinue reading “Old Poetry”

Here comes the thesis.

After about 5+ months of writing work, I’m fast approaching a submittable edit of my thesis. If anyone is interested in reading an anthropological study focused on looking at the social effects of long-form improvised theater, shout out. It would be nice to get some feedback from folks. It’s 95 pages long, but it documentsContinue reading “Here comes the thesis.”

The Mystery of expatriate (Kento)

expatriate hasn’t replied to any of the three messages (an email on Monday, a voicemail on Wednesday, and my email inquiring about ‘the cold shoulder’ on Friday).  I’m a bit disappointed now. All of my friends even if they’re busy have time enough to reply with “I’m real busy this week.  We’re going to haveContinue reading “The Mystery of expatriate (Kento)”