Big Families

My cousin Adam is marrying his fiance Rachel today. Adam is the cousin I’d say I’m close with for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is he’s a great guy. A majority of my father’s side of the family is here. My father is one of eleven children (now 10 since the passage of his sister Mary a couple of weeks ago, sadly).

I’m excited to hang out with my east coast cousins Nicole and Lindsay because they seem like a lot of fun from the last couple of times I’ve interacted with them over the years. My uncles Joe and Tommy are fucking hilarious (and ‘reborn’). My father is one of 3 boys. The other 8 are/were girls. Boys: Don (my father), Tommy, Joe. Girls: Kay, Joanne, Mary (deceased), Nancy, Wendy, Julie, Susie, Jeannie. I thought there were 11, but I can’t remember another.

We were all out on the patio with some of the Bride’s family (parents and g-parent). It was interesting seeing the contrast. Rachel’s parents are college educated. I think her father has a Phd in chemistry (at least an MS). He’s been a chemist for dupont for 32 years. The contrast is that a majority of my family is blue collar, as am I, I guess.

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