Beginnings and Endings

I was struck by a mix of emotions today at the BBQ that was the finish for wedding festivities for my cousin’s wedding.

It struck me near the end that this could potentially be the last time I see some of my closer aunts and uncles alive because of their age and health.

Meanwhile, I was assaulted and impressed by the sheer cuteness and intelligence of my younger cousins and second cousins. Strangely, I feel that, at 35, I’m looking at people who are getting nearer to clocking out, and on the other, I’m looking at people just clocking in. This must be the meaning of middle-age. Crazy. I don’t feel middle-aged.

Although, I met the FIESTIEST 84 year olds at this wedding, and they were the grandmothers. They cracked me up and inspired me. Carole and Maxine were their names, and I’ve got Maxine’s number (long story).

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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