Amsterdam in Retrospect

Have some time on my layover to do a quick share. The conference was great. It was an amazing learning experience. There was so much good information, and it was totally awesome connecting with friends both new and old. People were really affected by my talk, and it sparked a lot of reflection and discussion.Continue reading “Amsterdam in Retrospect”

Learning new things in Antwerp

 So I learned a colorful new phrase in french, which has delighted my foul mind to no end. “Bouffe ma moule”, which essentially means “eat my snatch”. The story that phrase caùe from is even funnier,but too long for livejournal. I was shown a place near the old part of the city where they would lock prisoners as theContinue reading “Learning new things in Antwerp”

On the Farm and in the city

So I’ve arrived in Antwerp. Yann’s place is huge and great. I awoke to a rooster crowing this morning because Yann has a lot of chicken’s on his little estate on the west side of the Schelde River. Pictures will be uploaded when I get back. I survived 22 hours of flying.  This was largely due to my pal, Dave,Continue reading “On the Farm and in the city”

The finer art of Transcription.

Since returning to Portland, I’ve fallen into transcribing the 45 hours or so of one-on-one interviews I compiled during my fieldwork studying the improv scene of Rochester, NY.  When I look at the numbers, it seems daunting.  When I look at how much time I have before I absolutely need to have a job, itContinue reading “The finer art of Transcription.”

Rochester, aka “The Pit of Despair”

Let me start by saying that my research here is going great.  Living with family is as you would imagine to be (well maybe better than you imagine if you don’t get along with your family). I haven’t lived in the east in over a decade, and the thing I’m being reminded of is howContinue reading “Rochester, aka “The Pit of Despair””

On being a Jet-setter.

So Monday I drove up to Toronto to see the Catch 23 show (competitive improv with three teams that get 23 minutes over 4 rounds).  I stopped at Niagara Falls for a quick lunch.  I arrived at Kurt Smeaton’s place where Taz VanRassell was hanging out and Kevin Gillese soon arrived.  Kurt runs Catch23.  IContinue reading “On being a Jet-setter.”

Bee Siege at Harmony Acres!

We’re in day 5 of the great bee siege here at my parents’ place in NY.  We won some ground yesterday when we opened a wall and found a HUGE hornet nest complex.  It was like a mini-version of “Aliens” without the machine guns and explosions (but lots of chemical pesticide). The portion that weContinue reading “Bee Siege at Harmony Acres!”