On being a Jet-setter.

So Monday I drove up to Toronto to see the Catch 23 show (competitive improv with three teams that get 23 minutes over 4 rounds).  I stopped at Niagara Falls for a quick lunch.  I arrived at Kurt Smeaton’s place where Taz VanRassell was hanging out and Kevin Gillese soon arrived.  Kurt runs Catch23.  I expected to watch, but Kurt asked me to play with Taz and this woman Alana (who is a sweetheart).  The show wasn’t the best for our team considering the fact that none of us had played together (well, I had played with Taz years ago in Seattle).  Our rounds went 1) overcautious with everyone making a first move and waiting for everyone to make a second move 2) One person coming out frantic and the other two trying to figure out how to work with it 3) A decent and reasonable scene after dealing with a heckler 4) One person playing insane and illogical with the other two trying to do the most with it.

I drove back the 3+ hours to Rochester at midnight after the show, slept for 6 hours, woke up, packed, flew to chicago where I am now.  I’m squeezing in visits with the friends I’ve got out here.  I had lunch with Amanda Rountree, dinner with Erin Cunningham, and I’m meeting many Portland and Improvacadia friends out tonight for drinks and dancing.

Tomorrow and Saturday, I am the Rev. Brad, and I’m hanging out with my friend Emily, her fiance, and several other old friends from Portland.  I’m officiating her wedding on the ship the Spirit First Lady of Chicago out on Lake Michigan.  It’s a sweet gig.

This traveling stuff is getting tiresome, though.  I’m tired of sleeping on couches and inflatable mattresses.  However, i love the catching up with old comrades and making new friends.  I made some new friends in Toronto, and I think I’ll go up there a few more times before i leave Rochester.

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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