Jet Setting

I just got back from Toronto where I visited a bunch of my favorite Canadians doing a show called Catch23.  It’s an improvised variety show/competition.  Kurt Smeaton hosted me, and we had a blast.  I’m going back up next Monday to catch Taz from Vancouver and Kevin Gillese from Edmonton.  They’re both totally fun andContinue reading “Jet Setting”

Business Card reality.

So I’m leaving Portland soon for 14 weeks of field research.  I’m studying the wild long form improviser in its native habitat, an urban center.  I picked up my Portland State University business cards which read Brad Fortier Anthropologist I giggled a bit picturing myself in a pith helmet in Rochester finding an interpreter whoContinue reading “Business Card reality.”

Out on my own.

Well, I’m setting my own deadlines on school work these days.  It’s disorienting suddenly realizing that I actually need to get to preparing my first serious ethnographic project.  I’ve got the next couple of weeks to firm up all of my ideas and methods for my research in Rochester this fall.  Then I have toContinue reading “Out on my own.”

Seattle Int’l Improv Fest

So I was part of the Seattle Int’l Fest this year.  Usually this festival is challenging, fun, and even sublime in the caliber of work that comes out onstage.  It also usually has a fairly even spread of Europeans and Canadians to Americans.  That wasn’t the case this year. I did have a great timeContinue reading “Seattle Int’l Improv Fest”

A Gaming Wedding

This weekend in Iron Mountain, Michigan one of my buddies from high school is getting married.  Dan is a part of phase four of my role playing/video gaming life before I channelled all of that energy into improv.  Phase four took place from 1992-1995.  Phase one began in 1980 to give you some scope. WhenContinue reading “A Gaming Wedding”