Amsterdamned 25.1.07

We Fucking Nailed it tonight and blew them away….thank god.  No.  Thanks to the Italians showing up last minute and getting us excited.  I love all of the Italians from Belleville in Bologna Italy.  We thought they weren’t going to be able to catch our show because of their own show at the the ItalianContinue reading “Amsterdamned 25.1.07”

Amsterdamned 24.1.07

This place is too cool.  It’s like some weird psychadelic cultured version of Las Vegas with less neon and better food.  The people have been fabulous.  The organization that is hosting us is the TVA, which is an amateur improv league with a membership of about 150 people. We had our first theatersports show lastContinue reading “Amsterdamned 24.1.07”

Going International

I’ll be posting pictures and reflections on the Amsterdam International Improv Festival when I can here.  So keep your eyes peeled.  Hopefully, I can find a free wireless connection somewhere in Amsterdam.  That will make it way easier. I’m  flying all day tomorrow with Todd Greblo and Tom Johnson.  This ought to be interesting.  HereContinue reading “Going International”