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Single again

I’ll never date someone under 25 again.  expatriate was an inconsiderate flake who kept telling me he loved me when he didn’t.  On top of it, he asked me to give him a backrub just hours before telling me it was over……Class act.  He’ll make a good politician.  At least he picked me up from the airport and included me in on his campaign errands (after telling me he was free a couple days before).  That was thoughtful.

Sure, I’m bitter, but it’s mainly because my time was wasted.  I should have just written it off in July when I called him out on this stuff, but I’m always the sucker for a pretty face.  And I never follow my gut when it comes to matters involving my own heart.  I gotta stop doing that.


One comment on “Single again

  1. never mind my last comment. i just read this entry. that sucks! sorry.

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