Everyone I’ve asked as to what there is to do in Rochester has answered “not much”.  OMFG, and I’m thinking about spending 4 months here doing my fieldwork.  Although, that part has proved interesting.  There’s a dynamic here that is an echo of the friction between CSz and the Brody in the early days.  It’s an interesting conflict that centers on smaller fledgling theaters sniping at the improv giant in town. 

Why can’t they all just accept that ‘resistance is futile’ and ‘their perfection will be added to a greater whole’?  Oops, did I just reference the borg?  So sorry, my implant is a little buggy these days.


2 comments on “Rochester

  1. re:borg references… just watch out. once you get lubed up and start stimulating androids, then you know you are the BORG QUEEN.

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