Bar Harbor Diaries 7/24

The new cast has arrived, and we’ve done our first show.  I’m excited to be with these folks out of the gate.  They’re all on the ‘let’s get outside and check shit out’ plan.  Not that the last crew wasn’t, but they weren’t to my level of enthusiasm about it.  These folks are.  I love em.  After one night of hanging out, I really feel comfotable and happy.

I did get a few solo hikes in last week, and that rocked because the weather was fucking perfect.  I’ve got a film loop below of some of the shots.  I think we’re going to go biking on the carriage roads sometime this week.  The carriage roads were the old road system that was built on the island by the rockefellers.  Now they’re just well-groomed bike trails/gravel roads.  They go past a lot of great views.  I can’t wait.

Othewise, I miss my peeps and especially my man, Kento.  I’ve been trying to call someone every week just to keep up (someone aside from Kento).

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

One thought on “Bar Harbor Diaries 7/24

  1. Ack!
    Brad, what’s happening to your face in your picture (by your blog name in each post)? It’s looks like it’s melting. Is that what Edmonton does to a person?–Erin C.


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