Bar Harbor Diaries 7/10

Bar Harbor is the pearl of Maine’s coast, at least in summer. I can see the allure of this place for east coasters. It’s fairly wild, and it has natural features with some elevation (up to 1400′ in some areas).

It’s populated with a fair amount of groovy, hippy, artsy folks. I’ve chatted with a few, and they remind me of some of my friends in PDX.

Granted this place is mobbed with tourists, but I’ve had a good chance to meet locals being an employee on the island. It seems that wherever I go there’s another screaming kid, and I have to check my fantasies of putting a pillow over their faces until they stop struggling. Especially since they end up being in the audience later that night.

I’m already getting stopped on the street as ‘that comedy guy’. Easy to do in a town where you’re one of the main attractions.

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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