Nature’s surprises

We went to a place called Schoodic Penninsula yesterday, which is a part of Acadia NP that is not on MDI (Mount Desert Island).  It was friggin beautiful and sparsely populated.  It’s my new favorite part of Acadia.  The link is to pictures of the place and the people I went with.

The surprise came when we were sitting and resting, and I spied a whale about 50-75 yards off of shore (a Finback).  I didn’t get a chance to shoot a picture, but I’ve got 3 witnesses to corroborate my story (hello Katie, Nick, and Ross).

It was amazing the effect that random wonderous incident had on our morale.  That’s the cool thing about hanging out in nature.  You can never really be sure what you’re going to get, and that’s exactly what I love.

4 shows to go.

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