Notes on Heroes from Garry Smith

“This need to escape via the hero has been described variously…as: an identity voyage, psychic mobility, and dream relaization.” “[There are] three main directions hero worship can take: reinforcement, seduction and transcendence. Reinforcement keeps the individual within the social structure and directs him[/her] toward socially approved goals. Seduction keeps the individual within social bounds butContinue reading “Notes on Heroes from Garry Smith”

Invasion over, Slovenians routed.

Well, the Slovenes fly home tomorrow, and I’m sad to see them go. We had a great outing today taking them to waterfalls and lunch at Timberline. I had great conversations with both Gregor and Sonia, who rode in my strike vehicle. It was so nice to be able to return the hospitality they showedContinue reading “Invasion over, Slovenians routed.”

What was I to think? What would you think about this conversation?

Sept 10, 2006 11:15 PM Kento: back  me: welcome   Lisa is going to get me at the airport  Kento: are you sure?  me: well can you? 11:16 PM Kento: I can  me: Do you want to?  Kento: yeah  me: Then I’m going to take a minute to jump for joy boing, boing, boing 11:18 PM I saw thatContinue reading “What was I to think? What would you think about this conversation?”