Notes on Heroes from Garry Smith

“This need to escape via the hero has been described variously…as: an identity voyage, psychic mobility, and dream relaization.”

“[There are] three main directions hero worship can take: reinforcement, seduction and transcendence. Reinforcement keeps the individual within the social structure and directs him[/her] toward socially approved goals. Seduction keeps the individual within social bounds but tempts him[/her] to break the rules. Transcendence takes the individual outside of societal structure and provides him[/her] with a new identity, new experiences, and new norms.”

“The hero as a social model should be consistent in his[or her] behavior, and should be considerably better in a positive sense than most of the other members of society”

Taken from the article “The Sport Hero: An Endangered Species”

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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