Rochester, NY. 3 weeks, 2 shows.

I sat in on a rehearsal for the Geva Improv Theatre tonight.  They’ve got a sweet space for a developing ensemble.  They’re the big cash act here in Rochester.  Nice folks.  I had a great time with them.  My prefessional opinion is that they need some workshop time with more experienced people. They asked meContinue reading “Rochester, NY. 3 weeks, 2 shows.”

Endless Task

So I’m currently engaged in writing a paper on “What is Improvisational Theatre?”. It’s at 27 pages and counting. I’m approaching it from a socio-cultural standpoint, an anthropological standpoint, and I’m realizing that I could probably write another 30 pages to do it justice. Unfortunately, I have to hand something in to my advisor tomorrow.Continue reading “Endless Task”