What was I to think? What would you think about this conversation?

Sept 10, 2006

11:15 PM Kento: back

 me: welcome
  Lisa is going to get me at the airport
 Kento: are you sure?
 me: well can you?
11:16 PM Kento: I can
 me: Do you want to?
 Kento: yeah
 me: Then I’m going to take a minute to jump for joy boing, boing, boing
11:18 PM I saw that your convassing or somehting Thursday.
 Kento: is it Thursday or Friday you arrive?
11:19 PM me: I arrive Friday at 2:30pm
 Kento: totally free
 me: Me too
11:20 PM It’ll be a weird and wonderful end to this journey if you picked me up
 Kento: yeh
 me: I’m totally excited to see you, and my roomates were happy to here that they’ll be seeing you around.
11:23 PM Kento: aw
11:25 PM me: You impressed Kerry (and me) when you came back to care for me when I got sick.
 Kento: it’s what boyfriends do for each other
 me: now you’ve got me tearing up
11:27 PM how did you get so sweet? I’ve got to thank your mom
11:29 PM Kento: shrugs I always thought it was just common sense
11:30 PM me: Well I’m glad for it
11:31 PM Are you still going to be working 35+ hours when school starts?
11:32 PM BTW, I got my cool new job at school
 Kento: yeh; I have no choice but to work
  you did get the job?
11:33 PM me: Yep, they’re creating a position for the fall term, and they’ll see how it goes. The good news: major pay increase.
11:34 PM Kento: woah
11:35 PM me: I’m going to be bringing in almost /mo in a stipend.
  for 20 hours a week
 Kento: dude
11:36 PM me: It’s a politically charged position, though. Their are people against the idea.
 Kento: hm
 me: I’ll charm them
11:40 PM Kento: you will
 me: getting sleepy honey. I love you, and I’ll email details for friday.
11:41 PM Kento: ok
  me too
11:42 PM me: night
 Kento: night

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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