Brody Theater getting evicted.

Hello Viewers, As of 1/1/07, the space the Brody operates in under the Bullring Restaurant will be vacated. The bank that is controlling the property is requiring both the Bullring and the Brody to vacate by 1/1. Ten years of history goes ‘bye-bye’. The new year is going to bring some interesting changes. Time toContinue reading “Brody Theater getting evicted.”

The Biggest Hole in Arizona

We went to this place called Kartchner Caverns yesterday that was friggin amazing. It’s this cavern system that is one of the largest in the US. It was controled pretty tightly conservation wise. We had to go through 3 airtight doors and a misting system before we entered to cavern proper. You couldn’t take anythingContinue reading “The Biggest Hole in Arizona”

10 years of Improvised Theatre and still going.

Here are some moments from the 10th anniversary party at the Brody Theater. It wasn’t a complete reunion, though. We were missing such notables as Lia Kohles, Steven Twelker, Nate Halloran, and Kate Poland who all have done a significant part in making the Brody name over the years. I miss them all dearly, andContinue reading “10 years of Improvised Theatre and still going.”

The Wedding Crashers II: Attack of Donny and Lola

[cue: slinky, slow saxophone music] Picture this, Marilyn Divine dressed in a leopard print skirt and top with a combo loepard, tiger spotted scarf. Her boots were these badass stilletos. I’m in this greenish shirt with a ton of tiny red and yellow dots. My tie is mainly burgundy with chocolate brown and dark yellow.Continue reading “The Wedding Crashers II: Attack of Donny and Lola”

The Internet and misunderstanding

Call me a luddite or an old fart, but I just have this general feeling that IMing and email have actually increased the amount and speed of misunderstanding between people. It also feeds this paranoia I have of people being able to pose as something they’re not. After all, I have a few internet friendsContinue reading “The Internet and misunderstanding”