Amsterdamned 24.1.07

This place is too cool.  It’s like some weird psychadelic cultured version of Las Vegas with less neon and better food.  The people have been fabulous.  The organization that is hosting us is the TVA, which is an amateur improv league with a membership of about 150 people.

We had our first theatersports show last night.  It went well save for a scene where we were challenged to do something using “nationalities”.  We proceeded to take a nationality for each of us, and we proceeded to tank hard by playing somewhat stereotypic characters with no real relationships or stakes.  Our rock opera saved some face and got us showered with roses, literally.  They hand out fake roses to the crowd to throw onstage when they enjoy a scene.  So that cut the edge on the previous scene that blew.

It’s strange being in a place where you can just run down to the corner and get some indian blonde hash and wave hello to the prostitute in the window next door.

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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