My jetlag is going away, and I’ve met a lot of people.  I learned about 35 names today.  My faves: Anouk (A-nook), Ana-viek (Ana-veek), Ruma (sounds a lot like rumor), and Eugen (Oy-gen).


We skirted the red light district, and visited a few places.  I’m attaching some photos.  One is me at the Homomonument (which is directly across from Anne Frank’s house).  The others are of some glass dildos and buttplugs from a specialty sex toy store (PS – this place is crazy sex central and hella gay), and a creepy clown that we believe stole the soul of a drunk who pestered us into singing “Liki-Liki-Lakki” for way too long.  It turned out that that was the title to a failed television pilot that drunk had started.  That put a sad edge on things.  However, the incident provided us with gut-busting laugh-filled tangents for the rest of the night.  Let’s face it.  Comedy is never too far from tragedy.


The theater we’re working at is fucking sweet.  It’s a 200 seat theater doing 2 shows a night, and all of the shows are sold out.  I cannot wait to get up there and play.


I nearly shit myself during our landing yesterday.  There was a huge storm front moving up the English Channel to the North Sea, and there were 30-40mph gales, not gusts but prolonged high winds.  It was the first time I’ve ever had to retreat to my happy place to make it through a landing, and I’ve flown quite a bit.  My hands are finally uncramped from gripping the friggin armrests.  The whole plane applauded when we landed.  I changed my underwear….jk.


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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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