America: the high school

As the elections near and the rhetoric escalates to a fever pitch, it seems like the country is turning into a place driven by high school level diplomacy. The Jocks (The Rich) and the Cheerleaders (GOP, Tea Party) are using angry threats and catty commentary to down the Preppies (Many Democrats) and Nerds (Progressives, the poor, the unemployed, minorities of all sorts). The Jocks and Cheerleaders are mainly concerned with winning and glory and are willing to go to almost any length (lying and obfuscating) to keep the school funds and focus on their quest for victory and popularity. They could care less about anything and any program that helps anyone outside of themselves. Meanwhile, the preppies and nerds get bullied by the Jocks and Cheerleaders, who spend their time scaring them into thinking there’s no choice but to let them have their way, or else… Or else there will be doom and pain and humiliation and defeat for everyone (and by “everyone”, they mean themselves).

The Jocks need that new bus. They need that new stadium. They need those new uniforms. They need those plane tickets to regionals and nationals. They need that money for homecoming.

The preppies and nerds watch as their lunch program is defunded. They watch as the school nurse is replaced with a trainer and physical therapist for the team. They see the resources for their clubs (arts and sciences) get funneled into more money for the team (military). All the while, class size grows (the disparity between rich and poor) as teachers (social services) are let go in order for their salaries to go to more benefits (corporate welfare) for the Jocks. Because the Jocks will be able to teach you all about what is important…to the Jocks. That’s why they should run the (charter) schools. Nerds and Preppies just want to talk about books, history, art and science. Borrrring! What’s important are muscle cars, shooting guns, bagging chicks and making fun of people who are different. Now those are things that Jocks and Cheerleaders can get behind.

So when you’re going to vote in November, think about this gross oversimplification of the ‘complex’ political challenges facing us this election. Will it become the Conquest of the Jocks, or the Revenge of the Nerds?

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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