Reflections on Amsterdam

Well, it’s back to normal life.  The week after a festival is always the hardest.  If it weren’t for the fact that the wonderful and handsome Rene Vega is arriving Friday for a long weekend visit, I’d be staring out a window longing for better days.

I loved the whole Italian team.  I wanted to marry all four of them.  We got invited to the Norwegian International Improv Festival in October, and I’ve got a little crush on their spokesperson Eirik (and I think it might be mutual).  We ended up owning that festival after our longform show.  A lot of the participants and even our hosts thought it was the best show of the festival.  One of the festival committee pulled me aside and told me that he thought that I was the best actor in the festival.  So, I’m trying to deflate my ego this week.  I talked him down to being the most consistent actor, anyway.  I hate being ranked, even if it is highly.

You can check out pics of our performances and the festival in general here, just click on ‘Festival Images’.  We performed on the 23rd, 25th, 26th, and 27th.

Ironically there was a huge gay bear party literally next door to the end of festival party, called the “Furball” (pictured below).  The Norwegians challenged me to run in onto the stage at the Furball, scream something, tear my shirt off, and dive into the crowd.  I said that I’d do it if they were there to take a picture.  There are far more stories, but I’ll tell them to you in person.

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2 thoughts on “Reflections on Amsterdam

  1. Man, I’m totally the same way with compliments. I always try to shunt them off on other people. Like “oh, but the director was so good!” or, “Really, it wouldn’t have been anything without the other cast members”. The worst part is that doing anything artistic, people will say nice things about you, so I have to deal with it everywhere I go.


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