Long Distance Romance

When I was in Rochester, I met Rene.  We ‘hung out’ a couple of times, and the tone improved markedly between the first and the second.  Since I left, we’ve chatted at length online almost every day.  He’s revealed that he has some feelings for me and vice versa.  We’ve both remarked that this seems to be our luck.  We either meet guys with commitment issues or they’re in another city.  In our case, we have this incredible chemistry that we’re both completely and happily surprised by.

The last time I tried the long-distance thing, it failed miserably, BUT in that instance, we rarely talked and barely stayed in touch.  Rene is working on getting a visit set up and flying out.  He’s thinking about leaving Rochester, anyway.  Anywho, just looking for feedback from others about the long distance thing. 

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

2 thoughts on “Long Distance Romance

    1. Re: My two cents…
      Sound advice, Amanda. We’re waiting to start the serious search after Amsterdam.
      I’ll be seeing you at SFIT, though. I’m coming up for the weekend, and I think we’re playing on your stage. I can’t wait.


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