Rochester, NY. 3 weeks, 2 shows.

I sat in on a rehearsal for the Geva Improv Theatre tonight.  They’ve got a sweet space for a developing ensemble.  They’re the big cash act here in Rochester.  Nice folks.  I had a great time with them.  My prefessional opinion is that they need some workshop time with more experienced people.

They asked me for feedback, and I gave them some.  I wanted to give them a full on workshop, though.  They’re just delving into longform, and they’re relying on short form sensibilities to force the funny into their longform. 

They invited me to jump onstage with them next week Friday and Saturday.  I’ll do Saturday.  I’m partying with my family and Nate next Friday.  I’m a bit hesitant to get too involved here for reasons of my impending study.  On the one hand, connecting with the performers will be good for reasons of ethnography.  On the other, it may get me in too deep with the performance side of things before I have adequate time spent watching improv and getting to know the audience.  It’s so damn hard to stay off stage.  I’m a silly fucking narcissist sometimes.  Ah, hell.

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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