Endless Task

So I’m currently engaged in writing a paper on “What is Improvisational Theatre?”. It’s at 27 pages and counting. I’m approaching it from a socio-cultural standpoint, an anthropological standpoint, and I’m realizing that I could probably write another 30 pages to do it justice.

Unfortunately, I have to hand something in to my advisor tomorrow. I hate the fact that I find all of my best theoretical resources at the end of this reading and conference. Thankfully, I’ve built in time to keep developing this next term because I keep doing things like posting to livejournal instead of writing.

On top of everything, I’ve got Strep throat. I just found out today. Antibiotics, do your stuff.

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

One thought on “Endless Task

  1. Writing
    I’m in the process of completing revisions on the final project due in my nonfiction creative writing class. It’s two of my essays from this past term plus a forward or afterward. Once they’re done, wanna trade our finals drafts and see what we’ve been up to? :-)–Erin


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