The Mystery of expatriate (Kento)

expatriate hasn’t replied to any of the three messages (an email on Monday, a voicemail on Wednesday, and my email inquiring about ‘the cold shoulder’ on Friday).  I’m a bit disappointed now.

All of my friends even if they’re busy have time enough to reply with “I’m real busy this week.  We’re going to have to catch up later.  Maybe ‘X’day?”

Then he posts this after my cold shoulder email, but he still hasn’t responded to me.  I know he’s sick, but he’s well enough to address my disappointment on lj.  Why can’t he address me?  This is the mystery.

It’s not really that mysterious.  The reasons I can conceive of are: doesn’t want to; devoting his energy and time to a guy that doesn’t up and leave for 10 weeks; being held prisoner by target, psu, and campaign work; decided that he doesn’t even want to be my friend anymore.

It’s disappointing when you really enjoy someone who seems to be enjoying you, and they simply disappear by seeming to turn their back to you.  It’s even more disappointing when you’re across the country away from your friends, family, and other support.  It leaves one a little blue every day when someone who was telling you they “love” you only a week ago stops communicating.  That doesn’t make me angry.  It makes me sad.

Granted, this could be an overreaction, but I’ve never really been left in the lurch for a week by someone who cared about my feelings.  Of course, the same might be said of me for leaving town for 10 weeks after dating someone for 7-8 weeks.  Maybe this is my just desserts, but it still hurts.  A rhyme.

Bar Harbor Diaries 7/24

The new cast has arrived, and we’ve done our first show.  I’m excited to be with these folks out of the gate.  They’re all on the ‘let’s get outside and check shit out’ plan.  Not that the last crew wasn’t, but they weren’t to my level of enthusiasm about it.  These folks are.  I love em.  After one night of hanging out, I really feel comfotable and happy.

I did get a few solo hikes in last week, and that rocked because the weather was fucking perfect.  I’ve got a film loop below of some of the shots.  I think we’re going to go biking on the carriage roads sometime this week.  The carriage roads were the old road system that was built on the island by the rockefellers.  Now they’re just well-groomed bike trails/gravel roads.  They go past a lot of great views.  I can’t wait.

Othewise, I miss my peeps and especially my man, Kento.  I’ve been trying to call someone every week just to keep up (someone aside from Kento).

The Island Explorer

The Island Explorer is a system of buses and bus routes that have been devised and funded by the LL Bean company to reduce traffic and improve the environment. They also have their logo prominently on all of the buses. They are fucking awesome for exploring a majority of what Desert Island has to offer.  Especially, Acadia National Park.

The pics are of Jeanni and I screwing around all day. I had a blast!

Bar Harbor Diaries 7/10

Bar Harbor is the pearl of Maine’s coast, at least in summer. I can see the allure of this place for east coasters. It’s fairly wild, and it has natural features with some elevation (up to 1400′ in some areas).

It’s populated with a fair amount of groovy, hippy, artsy folks. I’ve chatted with a few, and they remind me of some of my friends in PDX.

Granted this place is mobbed with tourists, but I’ve had a good chance to meet locals being an employee on the island. It seems that wherever I go there’s another screaming kid, and I have to check my fantasies of putting a pillow over their faces until they stop struggling. Especially since they end up being in the audience later that night.

I’m already getting stopped on the street as ‘that comedy guy’. Easy to do in a town where you’re one of the main attractions.

Bar Harbor Diaries 7/7

Just got up. I’m a little down. I’ve got a bit of the ‘I miss home’ blues. My inbox is empty, and I feel a bit isolated here without a vehicle of my own to get around in.

Although, I had my first hike and swim yesterday. We went to a place called Beech Mountain. It’s the first time that I’ve been hiking where my fellow hikers were in worse shape than I was. We got done, and I was ready for two more. The trail we took was barely over a mile with something like a 500′ gain. The view was spectacular of the ocean, the island, and surrounding areas, but it’s a little pale comparatively.

We were at a public beach for the swim. So that was filled with screaming and fighting kids. That’s the part that is a bit annoying is the tourist end of things. It’s amazing how people tend to leave their manners and their humanity behind when they go on vacation. Everyone has this insular sense of entitlement that seems to help them justify poor treatment of others. I just love humanity sometimes.

I finally felt like I’ve got my improv legs under me here, and that’s nice. Jen said to me “that’s the guy we saw in the video” last night. That made me feel like coming here was the right thing to do. I just have to remember that I can’t spend money like I’m on vacation, which is tricky when you’re surrounded by people on vacation wherever you goe.

Parade and BBQ Bar Harbor style

We were in the Bar Harbor parade this morning throwing candy to the crowd. That was a bit crazy. We were behind guys in tiny nascar cars and in front of some candidate’s truck. There were clowns bopping up and down alongside us, but they were more like old creepy men in clown make-up (how that’s different from other clowns, I don’t know). It was about 80F and humid, and we were sweating our buns off.

After that, we were invited to this guy’s ‘cottage’, which was more like a mansion (as it was on the national register of historic sites). Rockefellers, Vanderbuilts, and Roosevelts had all visited or stayed there at some point. The current owner was a very nice fellow that sells historical documents. He showed us several letters to and from Abraham Lincoln, and he had autographed photos from Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill among others.

They had this awesome spread of booze, food, and desserts. It’s a pity I don’t drink or do the sweets so much anymore. However, I did indulge in a little of both just to socialize and get the flavors. Their all going to be at our show tomorrow.

I got into a great conversation with the guy’s (Steve’s) niece and her husband. The husband (Mark) has a Phd in Biology, and he’s in the area studying the physiological components of aging in various species. He’s an adjunct at Kenyon college somewhere in the Midwest. Their daughter was a total peanut, all smiles and big blue eyes with a cute bow on a headband.

I’ll post some pics in another post.

Bar Harbor Diaries 7/2

Hello Ellsworth Maine. After 21 hours of commuting between planes and buses, I arrived at ImprovAcadia (15 Cottage St., Bar Harbor Maine). I walked into the theater and was greeted by their wonderful high-school intern, Deckland. He’s a great kid who’s taller than I am. I watched a show and a half and participated a little in the jam show.

I just moved into my room. It’s huge compared to the room I’ve got in PDX. Everyone is great. I watched a show and a half, and I’m gearing up for a short form summer. I like the folks I’ll be working with.

Bar Harbor is a high-priced vacation town. As a result, you don’t get the usual white trash that flows through other vacation towns. All of the restaurants that I passed in walking from the shuttle between Bangor and Bar Harbor were upscale. However, there is one cheap pizza, sandwich, breakfast place open 24 hours, and it’s right across the street from the theater. There were art galleries and other stores that you might find in other vacation towns (fudge, t-shirts, knick-knacks, sex-toys, etc.)….wait. Did I say sex toys? Sorry, no sex toys, but you get the picture.

I chatted online with Kento, and he filled me in on Nate’s goodbye show (or was it Nate and Adam’s goodbye show). In his words, it was “divine”. No surprise. I’m still sad I couldn’t be there :[

I’ve got my first rehearsal in a few hours. I’m looking forward to stretching my improv muscles. Luego, compadres.

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