Multiple Generations

I just got my dad donfortier to sign up for livejournal.  It’s weird knowing that my parents are signed on to my blog.  Ah.  In the words of my father after I perpetrated a particularly ribald comment in front of them and my friends “We know what he’s capable of”.  I love my parents.  No illusions with them.

In the arms of family

I lucked out yesterday and flew standby on an earlier flight to Rochester.  I’m staying with my folks for about 10 days.  My sister also lives in Rochester, and I just about shit when I saw her.  She has lost another 70# making the weight she has lost a total of 150#.  It’s fucking incredible what gastric bypass surgery has done for her (and a little creepy considering the mechanics of it).

My parents have a new puppy (Cody) who is all over me.  He’s a cutey, but he’s got this annoying habit of trying to lick the inside of your nose whenever he gets a chance.  Ick!

Nate and Sarah stopped by last night.  We hung out, and Nate completed his mission as my ‘mule‘.  I was laughing my ass off at his and especially Sarah’s description of Nate’s aunt, who they are housing with until they get on their feet.  She’s a bit of an anxiety bundle who exhibits it through constant talking, cleaning, and sometimes criticizing.  It’s motivating them to get with the program and find a place.  Unfortunately, Sarah has had to forgoe her MA program for lack of funding and an administrative snafu.

A New York state of limbo

I checked out the American Museum of Natural History today.  That was pretty cool.  There’s a particular smell to New York, and it often has an undernote of urine (or at least a urine finish).  I’m having a blast hanging out with my brother.  We’ve been vegging out watching TV, and that’s just my speed right now.  It’s friggin expensive to do anything cool here.  I spend at least $10 every time I go out.

I hung out with Ross, Meg (his girlfriend), and Kari (her sister).  We saw some jazz mixed with choral and contemporary music.  The choral stuff was really cool, fun and transcendent.

I may go to the UCB tomorrow, but I’ve got to be catching the subway at 7am on Thursday.  We’ll see.

The Big Apple

I’ve finally made it to my brother’s place in Brooklyn.  It was touch and go to the finish.  I got all the way to the apartment only to find that his roomate wasn’t home as promised.  After a flurry of phone calls, it was discovered that he was on his way there, and showed up minutes later.

The crazy part was that, just by chance, it was a block party on their street.  I was the only person who wasn’t Afican American.  People were friendly and saying hello.  So I calmed down and enjoyed watching the neighborhood party.

Ryan, Todd’s roomate, is cool.  He got home and we smoked out.  Need I say more.  He took me to a sub stop and mugged me…..No, he helped me get a subway pass, and we got some food.  He’s into CLassic Rock, especially Pink Floyd.  So we had a lot to talk about.

My brother gets back tomorrow.  He scheduled a wedding trip to Milwaukee without consulting me on when I was arriving……Nice.

Nature’s surprises

We went to a place called Schoodic Penninsula yesterday, which is a part of Acadia NP that is not on MDI (Mount Desert Island).  It was friggin beautiful and sparsely populated.  It’s my new favorite part of Acadia.  The link is to pictures of the place and the people I went with.

The surprise came when we were sitting and resting, and I spied a whale about 50-75 yards off of shore (a Finback).  I didn’t get a chance to shoot a picture, but I’ve got 3 witnesses to corroborate my story (hello Katie, Nick, and Ross).

It was amazing the effect that random wonderous incident had on our morale.  That’s the cool thing about hanging out in nature.  You can never really be sure what you’re going to get, and that’s exactly what I love.

4 shows to go.

The Crunch

These are my last days in Maine, and myself and my compatriates are all coming to the end of our contracts.  So we’ve been getting as much in as we can.  I’ve made some great friends here, and I’m super happy that I got to do this this summer.  Jen and Larrance rock, and Improvacadia is the sweetest place to work.

Here’s a link to some pics from our sail cruise and a hike we took.  Unfortunately, Katie Rich was unable to join us for these because she had to do work things.  Poopy on work, Katie…..Pubes!

Bar Harbor Diaries 8/15

One of the cool things about working in Bar Harbor is that you can get to do touristy things for free. If there is room on certain cruises, they will let island employees ride for free.

That’s how we got to do this Whales and Puffins tour out on the Atlantic a couple of days ago. It was a friggin blast. Nick, Ross, Katie, and I were running all over the boat and having a great time. Check out the pics by clicking the link.

Ross Nick and I sailed on a 4 masted schooner yesterday.  That was a relaxing and meditative experience.  The great thing about both is that they had cute men working on them.  Ah, the bounty of the sea.

PS – 3 days left at Improvacadia.

Holy Crap!

I have exactly two weeks left until I’m finished here at Improvacadia.  It’s crazy because I’m having such a blast at this point.  Onward to weddings and visitations.

First stop is the big apple to see my brother Todd in Brooklyn.  He’s managing some restaurant called Harrison’s.  I’m excited to go see him in his element.

Next, a few days at an actual summer camp to go to my roomates’ wedding.  It’ll be so nice to hang out with people I know again.  It’s like a slow weening back to my PDX life.

However, I fly to Rochester NY to stay with my parents at their new place after that wedding.  I’ll be there a week.  Nate will be living there by then, too.   So I’ll get a visit in with him before we drive to Wisconsin for my cousin Adam’s wedding.

I’m excited because Adam is my closest cousin.  We’ve hung out a lot and have had great laughs.  His fiance Rachel (and the mother of his child) is a scream.  The first time I met her, I told him to not let go of her. 

I’ll stay with my good pal, Mike, after the wedding for a week and visit some Milwaukee friends.  I’m not sure how often I’ll get to MKE now that my folks don’t live there.  So some visits are in order.  Mike is married to a spitfire, Tracy, and has a 9yo son, Seth.  Seth is getting to be as tall as I am.  He’s gonna be huge once he hits his teens.

Addicted to Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale 2 is this computer game I’ve been playing, but I’m also reading a fantasy novel that is centered on the fictional region of Icewind Dale from the AD&D world of the Forgotten Realms.

I’ve fallen into letting my inner geek and penchant for sloth gang up on me.  Thank god there are other people here to pull me away.

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