Parade and BBQ Bar Harbor style

We were in the Bar Harbor parade this morning throwing candy to the crowd. That was a bit crazy. We were behind guys in tiny nascar cars and in front of some candidate’s truck. There were clowns bopping up and down alongside us, but they were more like old creepy men in clown make-up (how that’s different from other clowns, I don’t know). It was about 80F and humid, and we were sweating our buns off.

After that, we were invited to this guy’s ‘cottage’, which was more like a mansion (as it was on the national register of historic sites). Rockefellers, Vanderbuilts, and Roosevelts had all visited or stayed there at some point. The current owner was a very nice fellow that sells historical documents. He showed us several letters to and from Abraham Lincoln, and he had autographed photos from Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill among others.

They had this awesome spread of booze, food, and desserts. It’s a pity I don’t drink or do the sweets so much anymore. However, I did indulge in a little of both just to socialize and get the flavors. Their all going to be at our show tomorrow.

I got into a great conversation with the guy’s (Steve’s) niece and her husband. The husband (Mark) has a Phd in Biology, and he’s in the area studying the physiological components of aging in various species. He’s an adjunct at Kenyon college somewhere in the Midwest. Their daughter was a total peanut, all smiles and big blue eyes with a cute bow on a headband.

I’ll post some pics in another post.

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