Improvaganza 2006

Here’s some narcissistic bullshit for you. These are some shots of only some of the fun I had at the Ganza. People pictured: Herbie from Tonto’s Nephews, Tim from Dad’s Garage, Helga from Quicksilver, Kurt from Toronto, and Lee from the Crumbs among others.


One thought on “Improvaganza 2006

  1. Brad-
    Hope you are having a wonderful East Coast tour! I think they are ready for your twisted sense of humor; the humor I’ve come to love and cherish. Sorry my response took so long. I have been busy with work, friends, and excessive masterbation and have had difficulty finding time to chat. Swamped. What else can I say? I will have to tell you of my adventures over a joint someday soon. Joints are good for diabetes…really. Do you have an estimate as to when you’ll be back on the West Coast? I will be in the L.A. area soon… Not that we’ll be any close than we are now, but I feel it to be a step in a more positive direction in life. I hope to unite soon with you my friend. So long for now. -Derek

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