Improvaganza 2006

Here’s some narcissistic bullshit for you. These are some shots of only some of the fun I had at the Ganza. People pictured: Herbie from Tonto’s Nephews, Tim from Dad’s Garage, Helga from Quicksilver, Kurt from Toronto, and Lee from the Crumbs among others.

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

One thought on “Improvaganza 2006

  1. Brad-
    Hope you are having a wonderful East Coast tour! I think they are ready for your twisted sense of humor; the humor I’ve come to love and cherish. Sorry my response took so long. I have been busy with work, friends, and excessive masterbation and have had difficulty finding time to chat. Swamped. What else can I say? I will have to tell you of my adventures over a joint someday soon. Joints are good for diabetes…really. Do you have an estimate as to when you’ll be back on the West Coast? I will be in the L.A. area soon… Not that we’ll be any close than we are now, but I feel it to be a step in a more positive direction in life. I hope to unite soon with you my friend. So long for now. -Derek


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