The Wedding Crashers II: Attack of Donny and Lola

[cue: slinky, slow saxophone music] Picture this, Marilyn Divine dressed in a leopard print skirt and top with a combo loepard, tiger spotted scarf. Her boots were these badass stilletos. I’m in this greenish shirt with a ton of tiny red and yellow dots. My tie is mainly burgundy with chocolate brown and dark yellow. However, printed on the tie are a tiger head in bamboo leaves, a panda sitting in the bamboo, and two other red pandas behind that one. She was my wife Lola, and I was Donny. We were posing as the wedding couple’s neighbors; “kooky” neighbors.

I told people in my happy agro voice that I was trying to go with Lola’s “Safari theme”. We had a great time tearing up the scenery. We were dancing a number of different places and going from table to table getting candy from the various BINS of candy on each table. It was at the Portland City Grill back in a private lounge overlooking the city. Pretty impressive actually. People bought it, too. It was a great way to spend an hour and get paid to do something outrageously fun.

After that, I jumped onstage for the last 3 hours of the improvathon, bringing me to a little over 12 hours of 24. What a hoot. I felt charged after that. Until the next day when I was attacked by ninjas and lay in a pool of blood near death until my roomates got home, bandaged me, and sought revenge.

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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