Favorite quote from an audience interview.

Ok.  So I’m in the midst of doing interviews of audience members from Improv shows out here.  Here’s a great one from the voice of the uninformed and uninitiated about suggestions.  This was this guy’s first “professional” improv show he had ever seen.

 “I like it when they don’t take those suggestions like ‘gynecologist’ and ‘proctologist’.  Any bunch of meatballs can do something with that.  You know. Come on, that’s too easy.  I liked that they took something else. I can stay home and watch a bunch of meatballs on TV do that kind of stuff.  To me, there’s more, I don’t know, ‘artistry’ or ‘craft’ in being able to take something that’s maybe more mundane and do something funny and interesting with that.”

Audience Recommendation  14: Don’t be a meatball, take the more mundane suggestion.

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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