This was an actual online personal ad.

“Remember not everyone has walked in the same shoes.

I was raped at 13 by a family member. Blamed him for my feelings about men for many years thinking what he did made me want men and his raping me made me feel attracted. After my rapist’s death 4 yrs ago I crashed and burned. Cried for months realizing I had to admit my sexual feelings and to this day trying to grow and better understand myself.

The thing I lack most in my life is a close male relationship. I wish I didn’t feel awkward and unsure of myself. My gift for gab is me being nervous and uncertain. I wonder if I will ever find someone I can trust and who will be close 2 me.

Bi mwm here… wife knows and resentful… time will tell…
I hope someone has an understanding heart.”

Um….what to say?  I’m a bit dumnfounded.  It was accompanied by three pictures of his naked torso and crotch.  Um…..yeah.  Any ideas?

Published by bradfortier

Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

One thought on “This was an actual online personal ad.

  1. O.M.G. I think that person has enough issues to deal with without posting an ad in the personals. Did he really think he was going to find someone? Or is it some weird undercover sting to try and flush out freaks? Either way — that’s just nuts.


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