Bee Siege at Harmony Acres!

We’re in day 5 of the great bee siege here at my parents’ place in NY.  We won some ground yesterday when we opened a wall and found a HUGE hornet nest complex.  It was like a mini-version of “Aliens” without the machine guns and explosions (but lots of chemical pesticide). The portion that weContinue reading “Bee Siege at Harmony Acres!”

Murphy’s Law of field research

No matter how prepared you think you are… I got to my first show to observe/record.  I brought my video camera, my questionnaires, pencils, notebooks, pens and a digital recorder. I’m setting up my camera, and I realize that I forgot a video tape.  Shit, but oh well I’ve got my digital recorder. The showContinue reading “Murphy’s Law of field research”

Business Card reality.

So I’m leaving Portland soon for 14 weeks of field research.  I’m studying the wild long form improviser in its native habitat, an urban center.  I picked up my Portland State University business cards which read Brad Fortier Anthropologist I giggled a bit picturing myself in a pith helmet in Rochester finding an interpreter whoContinue reading “Business Card reality.”