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The Evolution of Language

Robin Dunbar is amazing. I just finished his book Grooming, Gossip and the Evolution of Language, and it was an eye-opening, insightful and compelling read. The main points of the book are that language evolved as a result of the pressure to keep and maintain social ties in larger primate groups. Once that begins to […]

Improvisation: the Original Survival Tool

When it came down to it, mother nature laid the smackdown on early Homo Sapiens. We arrive in the archeological record about 200,000 years ago. About 90,000 years ago, Africa‚Äôs climate became extremely arid in a very short time leading to a resource crisis. No food and no water means no surviving for many of […]

Amsterdam or Bust

The connections to our ability as a species to make do and succeed with very little are incredible, as well as our ability to synthesize, break apart and reform novel concepts.

Wet Bugs

Here’s some cool images of sleeping insects covered in dew. Enjoy bug lovers!