Categories of Heroes

A cool table taken from an old anthropology article titled “The Sports Hero: an Endangered Species” by Garry Smith. I think it has a lot of relevance toward improvising character work. A shorthand list like Johnstone’s ‘Fast Food Stanislavski’. These are a great primer for the types of heroes that one can be or portray.Continue reading “Categories of Heroes”

Notes I took at the Keith Johnstone Workshop

Day 1 Planned incompetence: in reference to having people get chairs Theatre Machine was advertised as “Mime” in Berlin in the 60’s because improvisation was unknown. Drama is a changing vehicle It’s no good walking around on stage trying to be a good improviser if you’re not. If you fail and remain happy up here,Continue reading “Notes I took at the Keith Johnstone Workshop”

Role-Playing Addiction

One of the most profound and integrated things in my life is role playing. From age 11 to now at 39, I have been deeply embroiled in playing Dungeons & Dragons for about 15 years and then fell deeply into improvised theater for another 14. These forms of collaborative play have led to very deepContinue reading “Role-Playing Addiction”