College Bureaucracy

Now begins the grand arranging of the thesis defense.

For the uninitiated, a thesis defense consists of you presenting your research and findings (via your thesis) to a committee of 3 professors (who have all presumably read your thesis) along with any of the public who attend. There is a break when the public is excused, and then you have a private question and answer session with your committee. Then you leave while they talk, and you come back to find out if you get your Masters, and if they want you to make revisions to your thesis.

The bureaucracy comes in when you have to start working with the grad studies office. Although, I do have to say that Maureen, who oversees the interdisciplinary masters program, totally rocks. I’ve never had anything but positive experiences with her. I’m just getting some deadline anxiety, and the grad studies people are the deadline police. Thankfully, they don’t wear uniforms. Because my thesis adviser is going to be out of town, I am missing a deadline to defend and still graduate this summer. However, once I defend and make any corrections, I’m done. The diploma can catch up late, I guess.

One of the other idiosyncrasies of getting this degree is that the Grad Studies office is having me go through their pilot program for online submission for my thesis. It’s great because it’s going to save me a ton in printing. Since this thesis is like 113 pages long, the cost of printing out 4 copies on heavy bond thesis paper is daunting to someone who is struggling on low income. Keep your fingers crossed that someone wants to hire me soon. Baby needs new shoes,

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2 thoughts on “College Bureaucracy

  1. I feel your pain about academic bureaucracy. Living in France for a year has really opened my eyes about just how bad it can be. I don’t want to complain too much, but let’s just say that my graduation next year depends entirely on whether two of my courses transfer home or not. Yikes.
    Good luck with the defense, though! I went to my friend’s masters defense last year and it was a really good time. Your subject matter seems really interesting too, I wish I could be there!


    1. Egads! Can you find out if they are going to transfer before you leave? That would seriously suck if you had to take more classes to graduate.
      I was shocked yesterday when my adviser (a woman who rarely gives any praise) told me that I should be proud of what I’ve accomplished with this thesis. She thinks the section on performers alone could be expanded into another thesis. I’m looking to possibly publish this as a book. We’ll see the market is flush with books on improv, at least the art of improv. Thanks for your encouraging words, Richard. Best of luck on your return to BC. Maybe I’ll catch you up there sometime.


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