Collaboration Celebration

As my time in Rochester winds to a close, I’m becoming romantic and reflective.

Nate Halloran and I just finished a short run of shows by knocking it out of the park last night to a great crowd.  We ended up pushing a piano out onto the stage on a whim before the show, and it was THE right thing to do.  It added a whole other level of magic to what we already had.  Nate’s musical skills are divine.  I’m sad that it will probably be a year before that can happen again.  Although, it was nice to have this follow our difficult show up in Toronto.  We went up and performed in this pseudo-competitive bar show that my buddy Kurt puts on.  We came in last of three, and it dashed our spirits a bit.  I think that our success last night was largely due to our failure in Toronto.  It’s only when you have nothing left to lose that one can be free.  We were free in spades last night.

This anthropology project has led to the forging of a few new friendships and helped build on a few others.  There were performers in the audience last night from the performance troupes that I have studied, and Nate and I surprised them by calling them up for a jam at the end of our show.  It was fabulous.  I really am riding an awesome love high.  You know that warm feeling you get when you’ve done something right by a lot of people, that’s what I’ve got.  Because I got the two troupes in town who never work together to work together.  I’m a collaboration fiend.  Who knows if it will go anywhere, though.  Happy Holidays Everybody!!!

PS – beware “2girls1cup”.  I am scarred (and splattered).

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

2 thoughts on “Collaboration Celebration

  1. Although I have no intention of seeing the “2girls1cup” video, I’ve seen the “reacting to” vids on YouTube … those are pretty funny, leaving me neither scarred nor splattered. 🙂


  2. I, on the other hand, started out watching the reaction videos…and then got suckered into watching the actual video.
    my eyes. oh no. my eyes. a little piece of my brain withered, crumpled, and caved in after watching.
    Oh look at you! You’re like Bob Sagat whenever DJ and Stephanie have a fight. Do you have a dog named comet and make him poutinthecorner to make everyone’s hearts melt so that theyforgetabout what they werefightingabout in the first place?


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