Ganza Diary day 3

Got up to find a wireless connection. Found and internet cafe instead with a laptop port. I’m going to see the kids show in a little bit. Improv mixed with puppets and some set roles. I’m going to get into the one next week and try to realize my dream of doing a puppet performance.

I’m feeling a little bit disappointed and angry with myself. I felt like I didn’t bring it completely in the show last night, and I had a pity party. That’s why I’m angry. I slapped myself and said “Quit fucking around and get to it”.

More shows tonight. One of my teammates, Kurt, is from Toronto. We’ve hit it off well, and it’s looking like I’ll be performing up there when I visit my parents in Rochester this December. Fuck yeah.

The Dad’s Garage people are really great, too. I totally dig Amber and Tim. They’re totally my speed and my flavor. In the words of Nate, ‘I like the cut of their jib’.

The thing I’m yearning for is a few more meaningful conversations. Improvisers tend to spend the first part of getting to know you by doing bits for each other, or maybe that’s my perception. I’d just like to get to know people firswt before the funny. I’m also one of two queers here, and she left early into the evening. The words “fag” and “faggot” have been used a bit more than I’m used to in PDX, and that has been a little unsettling being a gay stranger in a strange land.

Kento tells me that Alberta is the Texas of Canada. I don’t remember the men in Texas being this hot, though. That’s today’s report. I’ll keep you posted……

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Educator, Anthropologist, Entertainer who lives in Portland Oregon.

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