Single again

I’ll never date someone under 25 again.  expatriate was an inconsiderate flake who kept telling me he loved me when he didn’t.  On top of it, he asked me to give him a backrub just hours before telling me it was over……Class act.  He’ll make a good politician.  At least he picked me up from the airport and included me in on his campaign errands (after telling me he was free a couple days before).  That was thoughtful.

Sure, I’m bitter, but it’s mainly because my time was wasted.  I should have just written it off in July when I called him out on this stuff, but I’m always the sucker for a pretty face.  And I never follow my gut when it comes to matters involving my own heart.  I gotta stop doing that.


The Mystery of expatriate (Kento)

expatriate hasn’t replied to any of the three messages (an email on Monday, a voicemail on Wednesday, and my email inquiring about ‘the cold shoulder’ on Friday).  I’m a bit disappointed now.

All of my friends even if they’re busy have time enough to reply with “I’m real busy this week.  We’re going to have to catch up later.  Maybe ‘X’day?”

Then he posts this after my cold shoulder email, but he still hasn’t responded to me.  I know he’s sick, but he’s well enough to address my disappointment on lj.  Why can’t he address me?  This is the mystery.

It’s not really that mysterious.  The reasons I can conceive of are: doesn’t want to; devoting his energy and time to a guy that doesn’t up and leave for 10 weeks; being held prisoner by target, psu, and campaign work; decided that he doesn’t even want to be my friend anymore.

It’s disappointing when you really enjoy someone who seems to be enjoying you, and they simply disappear by seeming to turn their back to you.  It’s even more disappointing when you’re across the country away from your friends, family, and other support.  It leaves one a little blue every day when someone who was telling you they “love” you only a week ago stops communicating.  That doesn’t make me angry.  It makes me sad.

Granted, this could be an overreaction, but I’ve never really been left in the lurch for a week by someone who cared about my feelings.  Of course, the same might be said of me for leaving town for 10 weeks after dating someone for 7-8 weeks.  Maybe this is my just desserts, but it still hurts.  A rhyme.

End of an era

We had the last show of the original cast of funnyBusiness last night. My friend Nate is leaving for Rochester NY in July while I’m gone. I’m a bit sad about it. Nate has been a great friend and confidant to me for over 8 years. We’ve shared a brain and a sense of humor for most of that time. I fear the hole in my life that will open when he leaves.