The Big Apple

I’ve finally made it to my brother’s place in Brooklyn.  It was touch and go to the finish.  I got all the way to the apartment only to find that his roomate wasn’t home as promised.  After a flurry of phone calls, it was discovered that he was on his way there, and showed up minutes later.

The crazy part was that, just by chance, it was a block party on their street.  I was the only person who wasn’t Afican American.  People were friendly and saying hello.  So I calmed down and enjoyed watching the neighborhood party.

Ryan, Todd’s roomate, is cool.  He got home and we smoked out.  Need I say more.  He took me to a sub stop and mugged me…..No, he helped me get a subway pass, and we got some food.  He’s into CLassic Rock, especially Pink Floyd.  So we had a lot to talk about.

My brother gets back tomorrow.  He scheduled a wedding trip to Milwaukee without consulting me on when I was arriving……Nice.